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Pump Up Your Smart Shopper Points

Pay for fuel with your Smart Shopper points


In 2018 BP introduced the Smart Shopper Loyalty Programme at BP sites to great success. 


In August 2019 we enhanced our loyalty value proposition through the introduction of our redeem proposition, whereby customers with R75 or more in Smart Shopper points could spend their points on fuel.

As part of our customer-centric philosophy and continuous improvement, on 4 February 2020 the redemption amount was reduced to R50. This means that customers now only need a minimum of R50 in Smart Shopper points to be able to use it to refuel at any participating BP site. 

If you’re a TymeBank customer, you can now use your TymeBank card as a Smart Shopper card. You can use it to earn points, redeem points and to pay with as it’s also a normal bank card.

As if you needed another reason to fill up at BP and swipe your Smart Shopper card. Remember, as a valued BP customer, you still earn 10 points per litre when filling up, even when paying for fuel with your existing points. If you have not signed up for your Smart Shopper card, go to 
Pick 'n Pay online

This is just another way in which BP is making your everyday that much brighter. Terms and conditions apply.

Pump up and spend your Smart Shopper points in three easy steps
Fuel up with BP Ultimate with Active Technology
Pay for fuel with your Smart Shopper points
Fuel up with BP Ultimate with Active Technology
Swipe your Smart Shopper card and earn points
Spend your points to pay for fuel

Smartshopper help line

0800 112 288

BP Help Desk

0860 222 456