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Energy Management with BP Energy Plus

What you need is an energy management process that works for you – achieve efficient energy and emissions management with Energy Plus.

What is Energy Plus?

Energy Plus is a proven high performance fuel and energy management package. It is specifically designed for and targeted at industrial processes where there are opportunities for large energy savings via strategic cost control, production processes, systems optimisation and waste minimisation.

The benefits of using Energy Plus

Optimising your fuel use

By optimising the use of your fuel, Energy Plus is able to focus on increasing your overall energy efficiency. In short, you get more for using less. 

Working with you, our team helps you develop strategies that work to increase your plant's reliability, availability and yield. And by monitoring your energy usage once those strategies are in place, they are able to identify opportunities for continuous improvement. This means you continue becoming more efficient as time goes by. 

Energy Plus also offers transfer of knowledge and training programmes for employees, designed to develop interest in, and dedication to, saving energy. By increasing employees' awareness, you are able to improve their ability to affect change when it comes to energy usage - all of which contributes to increased productivity.

Improving efficiency

Efficient energy and emissions management is not a "one size fits all" scenario. Focussing on the specific energy needs of a company requires an energy management process that is both flexible and consistent in its approach. Energy Plus is such an energy management process. 

Our team offers personalised, hands-on support - from testing and assessment, through to the implementation of new technologies designed to manage your fuel in a better way. 

And when it comes to the right fuel for the job, Energy Plus has the capability to deliver performance across a broad range of customer energy requirements.

Saving you money

It makes sense: when you cut operating costs with Energy Plus, you make a real difference to your bottom line. 

A significant saving in energy consumption such as 20% - a figure that is achievable - can have the same positive effect as 5% increase in sales. That means being able to invest more in staff, training and facilities. 

And by saving you money, Energy Plus gives you the opportunity to make your product or service pricing more competitive, which puts you in a better position within the market.

Reducing harmful emissions

Energy Plus is designed not only to lower costs and increase profits, but also to reduce harmful emissions, thus slowing down the rate of climate change and damage to the environment. 

Energy Plus offers potential reductions of up to 16% volume, 36% smoke, 16% carbon monoxide and 9% less nitrogen oxide - significant contributions to protecting our environment. 

More and more investors and organisations are in favour of green companies, while government emission regulations and levies in South Africa will increasingly influence energy use. So take action now with Energy Plus - you'll ensure that your organisation is ready for the future!

Every business should use energy more efficiently

As the only provider of this break-through solution, Masana is currently delivering customer value through Energy Plus across factories, mining, industrial and commercial sites in South Africa. 

You've learnt about the potential difference Energy Plus can make to your company. But how easy is it to implement? How easy is it to save? And what does it take to make a real difference? 

The Energy Plus team are capable of answering these questions. 

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