Health, safety and the environment

We support a variety of projects in the community to improve community health, reinforce the importance of safety, and to protect the natural environment. 

Environmental projects include the Green Namibe initiative, which is supporting the planting of trees to create a better environment and quality of life for local people in the city of Namibe. We have also been a long-standing supporter of a project to protect sea turtles in Angolan waters. 

To promote safety, we continue to support projects that raise awareness of road safety in the community, such as road safety workshops with groups of drivers, outdoor fairs, driver campaigns, and other road safety awareness events in schools, institutes and universities. 

These activities are in addition to our internal programmes to improve road safety, which are designed to meet the requirements of the BP driving safety standard, which sets out requirements for drivers and vehicles. We believe that our own policies and procedures on driving, such as using seat belts and not using mobile phones while driving, set a positive example in the community. 

We have supported a number of health projects over several years. These have included refurbishing hospitals and health facilities, carrying out health screening and clinics in rural communities, and supporting infrastructure developments that have resulted in access to clean water or better sanitation.