Security & Human Rights

Our approach to security is based on human rights principles, which we call the Integrated Community Based Security (ICBS). ICBS is designed to minimize the potential for conflict, and is one of the first applications of the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPSHR).

We believe that security and respect for Human Rights should, and can be, compatible if reinforced through partnerships involving local communities, police and other stakeholders. These partnerships can be created by running community forums on security and through the Tangguh’s Memorandum of Understanding with the police – referred to as the 'Field Guidelines' or 'Juklap' for short.

The Field Guidelines establish human rights standards required for project security. These include adoption of the Voluntary Principles and the restrictions on the use of force established by the UN’s Basic Principles on the Use of Force and Treatment of Offenders. The Field guidelines also require use of a community policing system, in which dialogue with communities and mechanisms for conflict prevention and resolution play a key part. The standards are reinforced through regular training for all Tangguh security personnel.

How ICBS works

ICBS establishes shared responsibilities in maintaining security. Local communities, government bodies and security forces are all given a role in resolving conflict issues. The military are not involved except in extraordinary circumstances, such as an armed attack.

In line with the Field Guidelines, the Tangguh does not provide weapons or ammunition directly, or through funding, to police. Tangguh’s private security guards are unarmed. Incidents, either by Security or the police involving the use of force will be reported. Any payments to the police for assistance must be approved by BP and the Indonesian upstream oil and gas regulatory body SKK Migas in compliance with Indonesian government standards. Any payments will made will be publicly disclosed.

ICBS has become a model program as a result of its systematic approach to human rights and its establishment of principles that have won support from police and military. The government's positive stance towards ICBS has been shown in its encouragement of other oil and gas operations to adopt the same approach.