Tangguh Sustainable Development Programs

Since our integrated social programs were launched in 2005, BP has been implementing a wide range of activities in Papua Barat. These activities continue to take place at all levels, from the villages closest to the Tangguh LNG plant, to wider initiatives across the Bird's Head region.

Since then Papua Barat, and the Teluk Bintuni Regency where Tangguh LNG operates, experienced several changes. Local administration budgets increased significantly, villages and district divisions were implemented, and many investments and economic activities were conducted and facilitated by the local administration.

In a public consultation held in early 2012, the local administration and local people expressed hopes for a more direct economic benefits from the presence of Tangguh LNG. Economic benefits that were enjoyed by businesses outside the Bintuni Bay region and outside Papua are expected to be enjoyed, particularly by businesses from the Indigenous People or local business in Bintuni Bay region. To address this, Tangguh LNG has modified its strategy related to the flow of economic benefits, by emphasizing on the strategic development of the Bintuni Bay region and its Indigenous People.

The Tangguh Sustainable Development Program (TSDP) comprise of seven major social programs: