BP Goes to Campus 2014

Date: 16 October 2014
Led by the Papuan Development Team, BP annually visits top schools in Papua to give a general lecture on oil and gas subjects to interested students at those schools. Beginning in May this year until October 2014 the team will visit Merauke and Jayapura in Papua Province, and Sorong and Manowari in Papua Barat Province.

In May, BP’s Papuan Development Manager Robert Tontey led the team for a campus presentation at Musamus State University (Unsamus) in Merauke, with presentation from George Saa, Rotating Equipment Engineer. Following the Unsamus presentation, the team visited senior high school SMU 3 Buper and Cenderawasih University (Uncen), both located in Jayapura.

BP’s Asia Pacific Regional Technical Authority for Civil and Structures, Mutiara Oendang, led the team which comprise of Geologist Yanto Kambu and DCS Technician Yunan Waromi. The students attending the session at Uncen were a combination of geology and geophysics students from Uncen, the Jayapura Science and Technology University (USTJ), and the Ottow Geissler University.

“Since the beginning of the presentation we emphasized that the purpose of our visit was to share our practical knowledge with the students, what BP is doing in Papua and our requirement of resources for future operation of Tangguh LNG plant. We have a great expectation that they would be able to fill in the posts, if they meet our requirements,” Mutiara said.

She said that the response to the presentation was very encouraging, with many technical questions asked, so that the initial two and a half hour schedule was extended to almost four hours.

At SMU 3 Buper, Mutiara was happy to note the enthusiasm shown by the participants, who were mainly grade-12 students and some grade-10 students from the villages nearest to Tangguh LNG.

Mutiara said that from her observation many Papuan students were naturally talented despite the challenges in geography and infrastructure, but that many students have little knowledge of engineering disciplines other than mining.

“So a session on surface engineering might be good to open their minds and insights,” she said.

Early this month a team led by Instrument and Control System Regional Technical Authority Edwin G. Dewayana, supported by Geologist Samuk and Rotating Equipment Technician Niko Anari, conducted a general lecture at senior high school SMA St. Agustinus, Victory University, and Al-Amin Muhammadiyah University, all located in Sorong.

At SMA St. Agustinus, some 150 grade-12 students participated in the session which included an introduction to BP and our operations in Indonesia, our Papuan Development Program and an insight to a career in Surface Engineering.

Edwin said that the complexity of the questions raised by the students showed high interest and intelligence of the participants, who all stayed for the whole three-hour session.

At Victory University the session was combined with a seminar hosted by the university’s Geology Department and attended by engineering students from the university as well as the Indonesian Christian University (UKiP). A total of about 100 students attended the seminar, which was formally opened by the university’s Rector.

Edwin said that engineering students from the Al-Amin Muhammadiyah University were joined by students from the university’s other departments in attending BP’s general lecture on 10 October 2014.

“The students showed high enthusiasm and eagerness to learn,” he said, adding that post-seminar many questions were raised about opportunities for apprenticeship and practical work.

Next on the agenda of campus visits are guest lectures to USTJ in Jayapura, and the University of Papua (Unipa), senior high schools SMU Vilanova and SMK Negeri 2 in Manokwari. The lectures will continue until 31 October 2014.