About the card

What information is printed on my BP Komfort Fuel Card?

Every BP Komfort Fuel Card features the card number, the name of your company and/or driver, your place of business, licence plate number and expiration date.

What do the product codes on the card stand for?

These codes refer to the products that can be bought with the card.

60: Diesel
61: 60 + Gasoline, LPG and other fuels
62: 61+ lubricants
63: 62 + Car Wash
64: 63 + all other products for your vehicle
65: all products and services available at the filling station

By default, your BP Komfort Fuel Card is set to 63, but you can change that if you wish from your Online Account on the BP website.

How do I order additional BP Komfort Fuel Cards?

You can order a replacement or additional BP Komfort Fuel Cards from your personal Online Account. There is a maximum of ten BP Komfort Fuel Cards per customer. You will be charged € 2,50 excluding VAT for manual setup-up or any additional or replacement BP Komfort Fuel Card.

When does my BP Komfort Fuel Card expire?

Your BP Komfort Fuel Card is valid untill the end of the month printed on your card. Typically, a card expires after 36 months. Before your cards expire, you'll automatically receive replacement cards with a validity of three years. Cards you haven't used for the last four months will not be automatically replaced. We will send you a notification of this well before the expiration date of these cards, in order for you to provide us with any changes.

What do I do with my old card once I've received my new BP Komfort Fuel Card?

You need to destroy that card as soon as possible. At least by cutting through the magnetic strip.