What are the main benefits of the BP Komfort Fuel Card?

The BP Komfort Fuel Card offers big benefits for small businesses with cars and/or vans and a fuel consumption of less than 25.000 liters per year. The card's main benefits are:
  • Rebate on fuel purchases at all BP filling stations in The Netherlands
  • Low card costs (only € 0,75 per card per month)
  • No mandatory security deposit (after credit check)
  • A clear and convenient monthly invoice, ideal for VAT-refund

What other benefits does the BP Komfort Fuel Card offer?

The BP Komfort Fuel Card isn't just any fuel card. It's an all-in-one solution to keep all your vehicles moving as easily and cost effectively as possible. You want more benefits? How about:
  • Easy online control of your cards and comprehensive reports
  • The largest brand network in The Netherlands (over 700 filling stations)
  • Access to the ROUTEX-network, with over 18.000 filling stations in 29 countries
  • Easily pay for motorway, bridge and tunnel toll
  • Cards and contract can be cancelled at any time
  • Save for gifts and activities at no additional cost with our FreeBees loyalty-programme
  • Use the Komfort Fuel Card to pay for the BP Car Wash
  • Go green! Compensate for your CO2-emissions with BP Target Neutral

What rebate do I get with the BP Komfort Fuel Card?

From the moment you receive your BP Komfort Fuel Card, you'll get a rebate of € 0,10 per liter (including VAT) on the bulk customer listing price at all BP filling stations in The Netherlands for the first six months. After that period, you'll get a permanent rebate of € 0,087 per liter (including VAT) on the bulk customer listing price at all BP filling stations in The Netherlands.

What do you mean by 'lowest price guarantee'?

Your rebate is based on what we call the bulk user listing price. Is the current price at the filling station at the moment of purchase lower than the bulk user listing price minus your rebate? Than that's the price you will be charged. This way, you can be sure you will never pay too much for your fuel.

What is the 'bulk customer listing price'?

BP has three types of prices: the BP bulk customer listing price, the BP advice listing price and the BP pump price. The BP Komfort Fuel Card rebate is based on the BP bulk customer listing price. This price is not made public and is only accessible for our customers from their Online Account. The BP advice listing price is the fuel price we forward to our filling stations. BP owned filling stations are required to adopt this price, our dealers and franchisers are free to set their own prices. The BP pump price is the price you normally pay for fuel at the pump - ie: the price a filling station charges customers for its fuel.

Other fuel cards allow me to purchase fuel anywhere. What makes the BP Komfort Fuel Card better?

Most competing fuel cards on the market today can't and don't give you the rebate you receive with the BP Komfort Fuel Card. You will get this rebate at all BP filling stations in The Netherlands, which means you'll also profit from a lower price at filling stations situated at major freeways. With our extensive network of over 700 filling stations (BP & Texaco), there's no need for you to ever take a detour to purchase fuel. Also, the costs of the BP Komfort Fuel Card are much lower than those of competing fuel cards and we guarantee you a hassle-free, fiscally proof monthly invoice.

What can I purchase with my BP Komfort Fuel Card?

First and foremost, you can use the BP Komfort Fuel Card to easily purchase diesel, gasoline, BP Ultimate and LPG. But there's much more you can buy with the card, such as lubricants and other products for your vehicle(s). Is your car or van in need of a thorough cleaning? Then use the BP Komfort Fuel Card to pay for the BP Car Wash. And have your worked up an appetite after filling up your car? Then purchase a tasty sandwich or a fresh cup of coffee from our Wild Bean Café with your BP Komfort Fuel Card. Your BP Komfort Fuel Card needs to have card option 63 (or higher) enabled in order to pay for the BP Car Wash and other additional products (please see Question: What do the product codes on the card stand for? under the FAQ subject "About the card").

How do I pay toll for motorways, bridges or tunnels with my BP Komfort Fuel Card?

The BP Komfort Fuel Card allows for a cashless purchase of toll services for motorway, brige and tunnel toll in The Netherlands and abroad. For instance, in The Netherlands, your card is accepted at the Westerscheldetunnel. Look here for an overview of tolled European motorways, tunnels and bridges per country.

How do I save for FreeBees with my BP Komfort Fuel Card?

You can swiftly and conveniently save for thousands of great gifts and a host of fun activities with BP's popular loyalty programme FreeBees. Whatever your heart desires, you are sure to find something special to spend your saved FreeBees on. Would you like to spend a night in a great hotel in The Netherlands or abroad? Then book a weekend out at Maybe you'd rather choose a gift from of the 40.000 items available at the online warehouse You can also redeem your FreeBees for a great day out in our new The choice is yours! Would you like to know more about FreeBees and the many ways to spend them? Please go to

How do I compensate for my CO2-emissions with BP Target Neutral?

Every time you drive your car, your engine produces CO2. This greenhouse gas is considered one of the most important contributors to climate change. BP Target Neutral is an educative programme that allows you to handle your CO2-emissions responsibly. Using the CO2-calculator at, it takes just a few steps for you to see what your yearly CO2-emissions are and how you can compensate for those emissions. So you see, it's not just your wallet that profits from the BP Komfort Fuel Card. The environment does too.