Invoices & finances

How does BP bill me for the BP Komfort Fuel Card?

You'll receive a clear and concise monthly invoice via e-mail which includes the costs of your BP Komfort Fuel Card(s) and the expenses made with your cards in the applicable period. As we're mindful to the environment, we do not send any printed invoices.

I haven't received an invoice. What should I do?

You can find and download all your invoices from your Online Account.

What are the terms of payment for my invoice?

We expect payment of your BP Komfort Fuel Card invoice within three days.

Where do I find the transaction dates on my invoice?

Your invoice does not state any specific transaction dates - only the products you purchased, along with the month and year of the transaction. The exact dates can be found in the first column of the transaction list, attached to your invoice.

How can I change my bank account number?

You should forward your new bank account number to us as soon as possible. It's also necessary to provide us with a new SEPA-mandate, filled in and signed. We'll send you a new reference number, which you can save for your own administration. Keep in mind that it can take up to four weeks for your bank to process the B2C-mandate. Until that time you can pay your invoices by manual transfer.

What are card limits and what should I do when I've reached them?

The BP Komfort Fuel Card has a spending limit of € 200,- per card per day, with a maximum of five transactions per card per day. The weekly limit is € 300,- per card and the monthly limit € 5.000,- per customer (for all your BP Komfort Fuel Cards combined). If you've reached these limits, you will not be able to use the card(s) until the beginning of the new cycle. The limits cannot be changed online or offline.

Why do I see costs from England on my invoice if I haven't been there?

If you use your BP Komfort Fuel Card to pay for toll, you will see England on your invoice because that's where the administration costs are processed.

How do I change my company address?

You can send us a letter or e-mail with your new company address. This can also be done conveniently from your Online Account.