Your pin-code and security

How do I get the PIN-code for my BP Komfort Fuel Card?

You can choose the PIN-code for your BP Komfort Fuel Card yourself online. Certain combinations (such as 1234 or 1111) are not allowed for security reasons.

Do I need to order a new card if I forget my PIN-code?

That's not necessary. You can simply request a new PIN-code from your Online Account.

What happens if I enter the wrong PIN-code at a filling station?

For your safety, the BP Komfort Fuel Card will be automatically blocked for 24 hours if a wrong PIN-code is entered three times in a row. After that period, the card will be active again.

The PIN-terminal the the filling station cannot read my card. What now?

First, try to gently clean the magnetic strip on the card. If that still doesn't work, the magnetic strip on the card might be damaged. In that case, please contact our customer service.

What does 'fuel card blocked' mean?

It means that the serial number on that card has been blacklisted at BP, Aral, Statoil, AGIP, OMV and Texaco filling stations. As such, it's no longer possible to use the card for any purchase.

In which cases will a fuel card get blocked?

Mostly in the case of theft or loss of the card. Payment problems can also lead to a fuel card block. We will block a fuel card if a client informs us his card has been lost or stolen. A card will also be blocked when a client has reached the daily, weekly or monthly spending limit.

Is there a way for me to block my BP Komfort Fuel Card(s) myself?

Yes, you can do this from your personline Online Account. It's not possible to have your card(s) blocked by phone. The only exception to this is if you or your driver is in transit and the card in question needs to be blocked because of theft. You will still be required to send us an e-mail when you get back home. Once a fuel card has been blocked, it is impossible to unblock. You will need to apply for a new card.

What does 'cancelled fuel card' mean?

It means the fuel card is inactive in our system.

When do I need to cancel my BP Komfort Fuel Card(s) and how do I do this?

You cancel your fuel card(s) if you know you won't be using it anymore. Usually, this is the case after selling a vehicle or of the card needs to be replaced by a new one. You're requested to cancel your card online and to destroy your current card yourself, at least by cutting through the magnetic strip. You can also send your fuel card back to BP (the address is printed on the back of your card).