Whatever the size of your fleet, we can help reduce the size of your costs

Offset your fleets carbon emissions with BP Target Neutral

A single solution to reduce, replace and neutralize your fleet’s CO2 emissions.
  • Reduce – Monitor your fleet’s CO2-emissions through FleetExpert and online driver training
  • Replace – More efficiencies with BP fuels with ACTIVE technology
  • Neutralize - Offset your fleets carbon emissions through your fuel card invoice

Carbon reduction – one target your business can easily hit

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time. At BP, we understand your company wants to contribute to a sustainable future and show your corporate responosibility, without losing sight of your business targets.

Customizable and efficient

BP Target Neutral is a unique not-for-profit programme that offers you a practical set of tools to reduce, replace and neutralize your fleet’s CO2 emissions in a time and cost-effective way. The programme is highly customizable and can be fully integrated into your existing business processes, saving you valuable time and upfront investments.

Going green has never been so easy

BP Target Neutral was especially designed to offer a single solution to reduce, replace and neutralize a fleet’s CO2 emissions and thereby lower a company’s carbon footprint. It’s the easiest way to meet stakeholder expectations, demonstrate leadership, differentiate from competitors and engage internal and external stakeholders in your positive actions.

BP Target Neutral allows you to go green, while saving costs at the same time.  Again proving that whatever the size of your fleet, we can help reduce the size of your costs.

Today is a good day to start reducing your company’s environmental impact and saving costs and time at the same time

Already a BP PLUS customer?

BP Target Neutral is the easiest and most cost-effective way to meet carbon commitments and show your corporate social responsibility. Apply now and we’ll provide you with a unique set of tools to reduce, replace and neutralize your fleet’s CO2 emissions.

BP Target Neutral is highly customizable, so you can choose to partake in the entire programme, or in either one of our reduce, replace and neutralize subsets.

No BP PLUS Fuel Card yet?

BP Target Neutral is just one of the ways we help our customers get the most out of their fleet. BP’s wide array of innovative solutions allows you to cut down on fuel consumption, reduce operational costs and save valuable time on your daily operations.

Interested in all the benefits the BP PLUS Fuel Card has to offer, including our unique BP Target Neutral CO2 reduction programme? Go here to find out more.

One click could be your first step towards real corporate social responsibility and savings

Every journey starts with a first step. When it comes to BP Target Neutral, that first step is calculating the amount of CO2 your fleet produces. To give you a good idea of that amount, you can use our online BP Target Neutral CO2 emission calculator. Just enter your vehicle’s details, including model and annual mileage, and the calculator tells you how much CO2 it produces.

Monitor your fleet’s envirnomental impact online

Are you a BP PLUS Fuel Card customer? Then you already have access to easy-to-use online tools that help record, measure and monitor the CO2 impact of your entire fleet from fuel transactions made with the BP PLUS Fuel Card. Login to your BP Online Services portal for more details.