BP Tolls & Road Services

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Bringing all On Road Services to your desk

Every day you use many different On Road Services such as registering for toll roads, secure parking and breakdown services and a lot of different resources to manage them all. Let alone all the time you need to spend on updating yourself on the different processes in every country and finding the relevant products.

Now you can manage all your Tolls & Road services from one central location – the BP Tolls & Road services webportal powered by Trafineo (Trafineo is a company specialized in managing tolls and on roads services across Europe), see the above video for more information. This way, you have maximum control over your On Road Services in a safe and secure location on the web. 

BP Tolls & Road Services is:
  • Simple - Easy to use, one – click access to information and products.
  • Smart - Up-to-date information about tolls systems.
  • Secure - Maximum data security and double verification.
  • Solid - A solid infrastructure with continuous development.
The webportal makes registering for tolls much easier, as documents are pre-filled with company data, saving you a lot of time and frustration. Furthermore, it allows you to receive On Board Units much earlier than via the normal processes and with the simplified flow of invoices you will receive one invoice for all your expenses.

Can’t wait to use the Tolls & Road Services webportal? If you are already a BP PLUS customer, simply log in into your Account management and select “Tolls & Road Services” from the main toolbar. 

Not a BP PLUS customer yet? Apply now and get access to the latest fleet management tools and easy management of all your toll and road services.