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Hydrogen projects in the Netherlands

Aerial panorama from industry in the harbor from Rotterdam in the Netherlands


bp is involved in two separate hydrogen projects in the Netherlands, H2-Fifty and H-vision. 


H2-Fifty is a large-scale green hydrogen project to support the Port of Rotterdam’s hydrogen vision,  decarbonize the bp Rotterdam refinery and make green hydrogen available for the decarbonisation of industries across the Rotterdam Port and the wider Benelux/West-German region. 

 A 250-megawatt (MW) capacity electrolyser capable of producing up to 40,000 tonnes per year (40 ktpa) of hydrogen is planned. H2-Fifty could replace grey hydrogen currently imported by bp Rotterdam refinery and other industries as a feedstock. Switching to green hydrogen means that carbon dioxide emissions could be reduced by up to 350,000 tonnes (350 ktpa).  

The project could also make green hydrogen available for other uses to decarbonize industrial sectors. Hydrogen from H2-Fifty will also be available to supply the mobility sector – a leading source of emissions in Europe today. 


H2-Fifty partners. 

bp is partnered with HyCC to develop and operate H2-Fifty. 

HyCC is a leading player in the green hydrogen sector, providing safe and reliable solutions to decarbonize large industrial users.


H-vision is a project in the Port of Rotterdam area that aims to produce blue hydrogen with CO2 to be captured and stored via the Porthos pipeline towards a storage site in the North Sea. Blue hydrogen will replace the natural gas and steam used for high temperature refining processes in the Rotterdam refinery.  

The hydrogen to be produced is intended for use as fuel at bp’s Rotterdam refinery with the aim of significantly reducing GHG emissions across the Port of Rotterdam and therefore contribute to a wider decarbonisation of the industrial complex.  


Local suppliers

We are keen to work with local suppliers. 


Register your early interest hereIf your services are of interest we’ll get in touch to arrange a meeting. 


We are particularly interested in hearing from suppliers who:

  • are based in the Netherlands
  • have connections in the Rotterdam Port area
  • are interested in transitioning their services or operations from other sectors to hydrogen.


Find out more about bp’s hydrogen plans here