Below is a list of questions we have either received or anticipated about our empowerment initiatives.

Why is BP bringing in empowerment partners?

The major motive is to break down old divides, empower previously disadvantaged groups and help create a balanced and fair business world. We fully support the government’s empowerment initiatives expressed in the 1998 White Paper on Energy and the Oil Industry Charter.

What criteria did BP SA employ in selecting empowerment partners?

The company was not prescriptive, providing they met the usual criteria that BP insists on in its partnerships, such as ethical conduct and sound corporate governance, etc. Broad-based empowerment was a key requirement that narrowed the field to only a few potential partners.

Will BEE result in staff rationalisation?

There is no connection between BEE and staff rationalisation. Like all companies, BP SA remains focused on people development in the most efficient way possible.

Will this mean further job losses within BP?