Women’s Development Businesses

WDB promotes the economic empowerment and social upliftment of women in South Africa

The WDB Group is a non-profit organisation with the key focus on providing small business loans and business training to rural women. 

The WDB Group has set a precedent for truly broad-based black empowerment by:
  • Providing poor rural women with developmental micro credit loans for their micro-enterprise
  • Conducting basic business skills training and mother-tongue literacy
  • Influencing poverty and empowerment-related policies at a national level
  • Participating in BEE deals to ensure sustainability
To grow their capital base and generate an income, the WDB makes investments in high-growth businesses. Some of the investments they have made include Avis SA, Caesars Gauteng and Siza Water Company.


To date, the organisation has granted more than 20 000 loans with a monetary value of approximately R20 million. They have also trained more than 10 000 women in basic business skills, which have resulted in directly creating the same number of jobs.