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Khazzan Phase 1, Oman

Completed: 22 September 2017

115 mboed peak annual average production, net to BP
“The start of production from Khazzan, BP’s sixth and largest major project start-up so far this year, is an important milestone in our strategic partnership with Oman. With further development already planned, this giant field has the potential to produce gas for Oman for decades to come.”

Bob Dudley, BP group chief executive

Extracting gas tightly held in the old, hard rocks of Khazzan is challenging. BP brings global experience in advanced seismic, hydraulic fracturing and well design expertise, which has been vital in the work to date. The world’s largest onshore seismic survey and precise 3D modelling of the subsurface was conducted to understand where the gas is and how it is distributed. Highly accurate horizontal drilling is now being undertaken and fluids are being injected at pressure to coax the gas out. The expertise gained by Omani engineers will enhance the capability of Oman’s oil & gas sector.


Over the life of the project around 300 wells will be drilled and a third train added to the CPF.


Location Oman
Operator BP
Partners BP (60%), Oman Oil (40%) 
Project type Tight gas
Peak annual average production
~ 200 mboed (gross)
~ 115 mboed ( (net)


Khazzan Phase 1, Oman
Khazzan Phase 1, Oman
Khazzan Phase 1, Oman
Khazzan Phase 1, Oman
Khazzan Phase 1, Oman
Khazzan Phase 1, Oman