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Natural climate solutions

Natural climate solutions are a means of capturing and storing carbon emissions through natural carbon sinks, such as forests and peatlands. Stopping deforestation, protecting natural carbon sinks and restoring habitats can help to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere
Aerial view of a road cutting through a forest

We are funding Improved Forestry Management projects over five years with two Native Alaskan corporations – Sealaska and Ahtna through our carbon offtakes. Both corporations will also benefit community programmes related to natural resources.

Separately, we are also supporting the Lower Zambezi project in Zambia, which is reducing deforestation through community projects that aim to reduce local dependency on deforestation, improve local livelihoods and implement land management systems. BioCarbon Partners, a majority African-owned social enterprise, is behind the project.

We are collaborating with our peers too. Together with other OGCI members, we are exploring how we can help to develop natural sinks.