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Electric vehicles

The use of electric vehicles (EVs) is expected to increase and by 2040 there could be around 350 million electric vehicles on the road

We are exploring opportunities to support this growth in demand. Central to this is the provision of a fast and convenient charging network. We’re investing in new technologies and infrastructure solutions. We now have more than 6,500 charging points across the UK, thanks to our acquisition of the UK’s largest electric charging network, run by BP Chargemaster. And we’ve invested in:


  • Storedot ­– to support their development of ultra-fast battery charging, which could reduce the time it takes to recharge an EV battery to five minutes.
  • FreeWire ­– whose mobile rapid EV charging technology was piloted successfully at a UK retail site.
  • PowerShare –­ one of China’s leading EV charging platforms.
We expect a big shift in EV adoption will start in the early 2020s, when vehicle manufacturers bring on new models, battery range improves, charging times reduce and when the cost of an electric vehicle meets the cost of a combustion engine vehicle.Roy Williamson,vice president, advanced mobility, BP
Roy Williamson, vice president, advanced mobility, BP
Kilometres driven by passenger cars by fuel type
Source: BP Energy Outlook