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Trade association reports

Our aim 8 is to set new expectations for our relationships with trade associations around the globe. We will make the case for our views on climate change within the associations we belong to and we will be ‎transparent where we differ. And where we can’t reach alignment, we will be prepared to leave
An operational perimeter fence with signage depicting the IOGP Life-Saving Rules

We belong to industry associations that offer opportunities to share good practices and collaborate on issues of importance to our sector; from contributing to the development of equipment, operating and safety standards through to working with regulators, knowledge sharing and professional development.


Reporting on our participation in trade associations

Since our first review in 2020, we have been working hard to influence associations and make our case for our views on climate policy.

In April 2022, we published a detailed review of 51 of our most material trade association memberships and the positions they take on climate. We found 10 of these were partially aligned with us.


  • In our 2023 progress update, we reflect on the progress of these 10 associations.

Consistent with our aim to enhance the transparency of our reporting, this progress update includes a list of our most significant memberships, defined as those where our annual fees paid were $50,000 or more. We first published this list in 2021, and it has been updated for 2023.


Trade associations reviews and progress updates

Trade associations: differing views


We understand that positions taken on any topic by a trade association are often a compromise or majority view, arrived at through their individual decision-making processes, with the potential for widely differing views among their membership. Consequently, we may share our perspective on emerging policy themes with a specific trade association, but as one member among many, we do not expect to dictate what they write or say.

We monitor our memberships of associations, and the positions they take. Where our views cannot be reconciled, we may share details here.