Virtual reality prepares drilling teams for real-life challenges

Virtual reality is leading to real results as BP collaborates with Maersk Training to prepare our offshore drilling teams for challenges they face on the job

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Using state-of-the-art facilities in Svenborg, Denmark, and Houston, Texas, BP staff and contractors can simulate the specific conditions of a drilling operation, including the same rocks, temperatures and pressures - even the same physical impact of the ocean currents - in order to replicate critical jobs on the rig.

This training in the virtual world is helping BP to drill more safely and efficiently in the real world. The hands-on, scenario-based approach goes well beyond traditional classroom training and allows drilling teams to practice events and joint procedures together as an integrated unit.

David Lobdell, competence assessment manager, global wells organization, BP, said: “They're building the muscle memory to handle these emergencies so that they go, ‘I know how to do this. I did this in the simulator. I made this mistake in the simulator; I'm not going to do it again out here in operations’.”

He added: “Bringing our drilling contractors in to work together and build as a team is vitally important to bringing down accidents and incidents. It's all about doing things better and safer. And that's what BP's really striving to do.”

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