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Keeping people safe

We focus on keeping employees and contractors safe and alert to potential hazards in their work


Tragically we suffered one fatality in 2018. In our lubricants business a heavy goods driver working for one of our contractors in the US was struck by a passing vehicle while checking a tyre. We are deeply saddened by this loss and are working closely with our contractors to continue to improve safety and to seek to prevent injuries in our work together.


One of the ways we are doing this is by working with our peers on consistent standards. For example, through the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers we have encouraged other members to use new cars with an internationally recognized five-star safety rating from January 2019. 


As a global business, BP monitors hostile actions that could harm our people or disrupt our operations. We focus on operating areas affected by political and social unrest, terrorism, armed conflict or criminal activity.


Our 24-hour response information centre in the UK monitors global events and related developments, which means we can assess the safety of our people and provide timely advice if there is an emergency. This meant that in 2018 we were aware of events such as the earthquake in Mexico almost immediately. Our team was quickly able to confirm the safety of employees in the area and provide advice.


Cyber threats

Cyber attacks are on the rise and our industry is subject to evolving risks from hacktivists, cyber criminals, terrorists and insiders. We have experienced threats to the security of our digital infrastructure, but none of these had a significant impact on our business in 2018.


To encourage vigilance among our employees, our cyber security training programme covers topics such as email phishing and the correct classification and handling of our information.


We also collaborate closely with governments, law enforcement and industry peers to understand and respond to new and emerging threats.

Health and wellbeing

One in four people are affected by mental health issues at some point in their life. We signed the UK Time to Change employer pledge in 2018 to change the way we think and act about mental health at work. We also ran a series of employee events on World Mental Health Day and offered resilience training to around 500 people across the group.

“Our mental health fluctuates from day to day. As with physical health, at times we are ill and may need treatment. We can help by changing the way we view and talk about mental health.”
Richard Heron,vice president health and chief medical officer, BP