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Value to society

The energy we produce helps power economic growth and improve the quality of life for millions of people

Powering economic growth

We make a significant contribution to societies around the world, providing heat and light for homes, fuel to get people to their destinations and power for industry.

We enable countries, from Brazil to Oman, and from the US to Indonesia, to grow their domestic supplies of energy and boost their energy security. This, in turn, creates jobs, drives economic development and generates revenue for governments. The value we create can transform communities, even nations.



A total of 88% of our workforce in Angola are nationals.




Our programmes have enabled local firms to secure contracts with BP worth in excess of $530 million.




Our biofuels sites produced enough renewable energy to power all the homes in a city of 1.3 million people.




We helped deliver around 38% of all the gas supplied to Guangdong, the most populated province in China.




Together with our partners, we produce around 50% of gas consumed in the country.




We are one of the largest foreign investors in India’s growing energy sector.

The value we deliver to society – graphic



Gas from our Tangguh plant helps generate electricity for local communities, reducing their reliance on diesel.




We support one in every 260 jobs when you count our employees and those of our suppliers.




We employ around 14,000 people and support more than 100,000 jobs across our supply chain in the US.