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bp’s impact on the European economy in 2022​

bp has operations in 18 countries in the EU27, and its own activities generate direct impacts in each of these countries.

bp makes a substantial contribution to the EU27 economy​

  • In total, bp supported €12 billion in gross value added contributions to EU27 GDP in 2022 – equivalent to 0,08% of ​EU27 GDP.​
  • bp’s own operations directly created a €4,2 billion gross value-added contribution to EU27 GDP.​
  • bp employed 16.484 people and stimulated a further 115.000 jobs along the EU27 supply chain.​
  • bp spent a total of €8,3 billion with businesses in EU27 countries. Companies in every EU27 country benefitted.​

bp is an important collector and payer of tax in the EU27

  • ​bp collected and paid €13,9 billion to EU27 governments in 2022.
  • ​bp stimulated a further €3,8 billion in tax payments along the supply chain.
  • ​Total taxes supported by bp, totalling €18 billion, were equivalent to 0,24% of all general revenue collected in 2022 by EU27 governments.​