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bp advanced mobility

The future of transportation mobility is extremely exciting. It’s one where travel time will be shorter, more productive, more predictable, and more environmentally friendly. We want to help shape that future – and our strategy will allow us to be competitive at a time when prices, policy, technology and customer preferences are evolving


As we’ve done for over 100 years, our goal is to keep the world moving. We want to make sure that more people have access to our products and services, when and where they want them.

bp advanced mobility’s ambition is to become a leading provider of integrated mobility solutions for a future world. We’ll help shape and lead the emerging future of mobility through our strategy.

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Our strategy

Electric vehicles – the next advance in mobility

Electrification is the key – electrification integrator

bp wants to provide the most convenient network of charging. We recognise that customers will want to charge at home, during work and leisure and on motorways.


We also want provide the fastest. 


Ultra-fast charging (UFC) is a critical step to overcome popular concerns about using electric vehicles as it deals with range anxiety and lack of access to charging at home.


With average charging speeds of around 10 minutes, UFC at a wide and conveniently-located network of forecourts and service hubs could help keep fleets out on the road for longer.


This will all be underpinned by a superior customer experience and unrivalled technological innovation. We’re invested in the companies we need to make this happen.

Scooter battery charges in record time

What we are doing today:


  • $170 million acquisition of Chargemaster, the UK’s largest charging company.
  • $20 million in StoreDot’s lithium ion-based battery technology.
  • $5 million in FreeWire, maker of rapid charging systems.
  • In 2019, we opened our first electric vehicle charging station in China – thanks to a new partnership with 66iFuels.
  • We invested in PowerShare, a Chinese company that provides hardware and software solutions for EV charging.
A connected fleet – montage

A connected fleet – end-to-end fleet management

Changes in mobility will revolutionize the fleet sector.


Future, autonomous, fleets will need power, servicing and maintenance. Our existing strengths allow us to develop an integrated offer: data management and AV services across the entire life-cycle.


We are perfectly positioned to take advantage of the fleet of tomorrow.


Our existing fleet capabilities and the Castrol brand will help us build differentiated end-to-end fleet services to support the new fleets emerging out of new ownership and access models.

Right here, right now – montage

Right here, right now – on-demand mobility

From ride hailing to rental, and public transport, mobility as a service is advancing. The arrival of autonomous vehicles will spark huge growth. Multi-mode journeys, combining private and public vehicles, will increase. Models will shift from business-to-consumer, to business-to-business.We are in a unique position to be able to respond.


On-demand mobility services are becoming increasingly electric and therefore electric charging is critical.


We’ll use our consumer and customer experience to build greater expertise and knowledge, as well as new offerings, to provide integrated services in areas such as ride hailing, vehicle planning, food delivery and route planning through digital devices.

Winning by inches – montage

Winning by inches – ‘last mile’ convenience and delivery

The last mile is the most expensive and complex in the retail delivery chain. More than 90% of people live within 20 minutes of a bp/Aral forecourt.


While technology and customer behaviours are driving the mobility revolution, the changes will also lead to the convenience retail area being redefined.


We are working with partners in all areas to make sure our service stations become hubs for online collections as well as places to recharge and refuel now and into the future.


Our high-value retail locations and convenience retail expertise will make us leaders in the provision of services that customers want, when and where they want them. As real convenience gets redefined by customers, so our offer will evolve.

Moving cities forward – montage

Moving cities forward – integrated city mobility solutions

The mobility revolution will have the deepest impact in cities, where half the world’s population live. The dual challenge: reducing emissions in the face of increasing number of journeys is the opportunity.


Cities needs infrastructure partners and, with our experience we are perfectly placed. We are building and seeking pilot projects in cities to help develop agile solutions.


Our experience and know-how will make bp a logical choice in the delivery of integrated energy and mobility solutions to cities worldwide.

Our mobility stories

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