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Regions, cities & solutions

Partnering with countries, cities and corporations to provide innovative, integrated ‎and decarbonized energy solutions at scale

Regions, cities & solutions (RC&S) brings together the best of bp to build enduring relationships ‎with regions, countries, cities and corporations around the world to provide innovative, integrated ‎and decarbonized energy solutions at scale to help the world reach net zero and improve people’s ‎lives.

We bring together expertise from across bp, with help from our industry-leading partners, we can offer bespoke integrated solutions to complex energy questions – providing energy that is clean, reliable – and also affordable.

As countries, cities, corporations and consumers develop and prosper, global energy demand continues to grow. We must meet that rising demand in ways that are economically viable, environmentally sustainable and that improve people’s lives.

Envisioning the city of the future

William Lin, EVP, regions, cities & solutions, outlines four features that could be key to greener cities of the future 

“By leveraging key relationships and building new partnerships, RC&S is setting out to provide integrated and innovative energy solutions to help cities and large corporates reduce their carbon emissions while creating exciting business opportunities for bp.”

William Lin, EVP, regions, cities & solutions

Partnering in action

Our latest partnerships with cities and companies

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