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BP Launchpad

BP Launchpad is a scale-up factory, a business builder. Our mission is to take disruptive technologies and business models and help grow them fast to become BP’s future business units, generating a significant portion of BP Group’s gross margin by 2025

The need for innovation has never been more urgent

The world needs more energy. More than 30% more energy.  To lift people out of poverty and to bring the advantages and opportunities from heat, light and mobility to everyone in the world.  But we need do it with fewer emissions.  We call it the dual energy challenge.  It’s one of the toughest our planet faces, but it’s those kinds of challenges that inspire us at BP.


Innovation lies at the heart of the solution.  Finding new sources of energy, new ways to use the energy more productively and efficiently, new methods of reducing and containing greenhouse gases.


We can’t rely just on the technologies we have today; we have to invent new ones.  And we can’t only rely on the people with whom we always work and on the ways in which we’ve always worked.

A new way of building new energy businesses

BP has a good track record of originating innovative concepts on one hand and managing billion-dollar businesses on the other.  But like many corporates, we find it challenging to take an idea and scale it from a pilot to a full-blown business.


Geoffrey Moore described it as ‘Crossing the chasm’ almost 30 years ago.  And it’s still proving elusive.


BP Launchpad is the way we will ‘cross the chasm’, building a new set of capabilities to create and accelerate value.


We believe BP Launchpad will become a powerful engine for competitive advantage and help BP play its role in tackling the dual energy challenge.


For more information contact us at bplaunchpad@bp.com.