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Digital innovation

We are a global energy business with an enormous reach across the world’s energy system. Our industry is changing faster than at any time in our lifetime, driven in part by innovative technological advances

Our emerging technology team monitors and responds to these emerging and disruptive technologies.


Working hand-in-hand with internal and external networks, it assesses technology developments that could affect demand for energy production and delivery.


We recognize the significant impact of advances in digital technology and have placed this at the heart of our group strategy.


Many digital technologies are already in place across bp but with the increasing pace of change, it is essential to spot the next waves of opportunities and digital developments.


Our digital innovation organization (DIO) focuses on exactly that. The team operates at the furthest possible edge of digital innovation, working with bp teams, academic institutions and start-up companies, among others, to scan the horizon for just such possibilities. Our current focus areas include cognitive computing – the most sophisticated form of artificial intelligence, advanced distributed ledger technologies (including blockchain) and robotics.

Did you know?

We are investing in the development of AI

Beyond Limits, an artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive computing company, secured $20 million in funding from bp ventures in June 2017.


The investment will accelerate the delivery of industrial-grade AI software, previously used in deep space exploration missions, to combine human knowledge with machine learning and provide the energy sector with new levels of operational insight, business optimization and process automation across all operations.

Robotics is influencing the way we understand our underwater environment

Seabed robots are already at work, revolutionising our understanding of its underwater operating and safety environment. Transmitting extraordinary amounts of data in near real-time, our scientists monitor oceanic environments, while assessing risks.


Working in partnership with Oceaneering on a large-scale trial, we are surveying pipelines and subsea infrastructure in the Gulf of Mexico ahead of a full, safe roll-out.