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BP Technology Outlook

BP Technology Outlook examines the potential of technology to change the way we produce and use energy to 2050. 
In addition to our main Technology Outlook report, we regularly work in partnership with subject matter experts to conduct detailed studies into the potential of specific technologies. 
In our new quarterly podcast series, we engage leading experts to get their perspectives on key energy technologies – how they are evolving and their potential impact

BP Technology Outlook podcast series

Our first Technology Outlook podcast series focussed on solar energy and in the second we explore battery technology – one of the key enablers of renewable energy and vehicle electrification.

BP Technology Outlook 2018

The second edition of the BP Technology Outlook was published in March 2018. 

BP Technology Outlook does not contain forecasts, but rather technology signals.  As both the BP Technology Outlook 2015 and 2018 demonstrate, technology development is impossible to predict with any certainty.  Listening to different perspectives to develop informed strategies is our preferred approach; read more perspectives on The BP Technology Outlook LinkedIn showcase.