Research and partnerships

Our comprehensive internal research capability – set across 12 sites globally – is complemented by leading external collaborations. These provide a cross-cutting range of specialisms, including scientific and engineering expertise and modelling and experimental facilities, which are supported by innovative academic programmes

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BP International Center for Advanced Materials (BP-ICAM)

In 2012, we established the $100 million research centre, known as the BP International Center for Advanced Materials – or BP-ICAM. The centre leads research aimed at advancing the fundamental understanding and use of materials across a variety of energy and industrial applications.

In addition to financial investment, we provide leadership, expertise and research experience, working with our university partners.

BP Institute (BPI)

The BP Institute (BPI) for Multiphase Flow is based at the University of Cambridge.

We helped to establish the BPI with an endowment. It opened in 2000 and attracts world-class scientists from disciplines including mathematics, chemistry, chemical engineering, biotechnology and earth sciences – enabling BP and others to access scientific reasoning in the lab to understand challenges in the field.

BPI’s research has helped enhance recovery from challenging and mature reservoirs and avoid hydrate build-up in pipelines. Beyond energy, its findings have helped other sectors understand more about how detergents in shampoo disperse and interact, how paints dry and how ice cream melts.

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