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Our transformation

Last edited:
4 September 2023
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People at work - Hydrogen

not or.

People at work - Oil
People at work - wind

wind farms

oil & gas

People at work - Oil
People at work - EV

EV chargers

oil & gas

Poeple at work - Oil
People at work - Hydrogen

hydrogen plants

oil & gas

And, not or

We believe the world wants and needs a better and more balanced energy system that delivers secure, affordable and lower-carbon energy.

We're playing our part by investing in today's energy system, which is mainly oil and gas – and, not or – in our transition and the energy transition.

And while we’re mostly in oil and gas today, we’ve increased global investment in our lower carbon, convenience stores and power trading businesses (what we call our ‘transition growth engines’) from around 3% in 2019 to around 30% in 2022.

Increasing investment in these engines is a sign that bp’s wider transformation is underway.

Turning plans into action

Every day, our team is hard at work putting shovels in the ground to deliver on our targets and aims


Electrifying wells

Electric vehicle charger

Rapid charge

Wind turbine at sea

Ready for wind

Cooking oil

Waste to fuel


Off the ground

Employee working at the New York ampm store

New York store

Solar panels

Net zero

Regional focus

In the UK, US and Germany watch our teams in action on the challenge to keep energy flowing where and when it’s needed and, at the same time, developing lower carbon technologies


Backing Britain


Investing in America


bp in action

Working in partnership to accelerate change

Tackling climate change cannot be achieved in isolation; it needs everyone to pull together.

That’s why bp is collaborating with exceptional partners on the journey towards net zero. Here are some of our many invaluable partnerships.

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ADNOC and Masdar logos
ADNOC and Masdar
The energy companies are working with bp to develop low carbon hydrogen hubs and decarbonized air corridors between the UK and UAE.
Lightsource bp
Lightsource bp
Since partnering with bp in 2017, the joint venture has developed a ‎significant pipeline of large-scale solar projects across the world.
Equinor logo
bp is teaming up with Equinor to develop four offshore wind assets in two leases off the US East Coast that have the potential to power 2 million homes.
NEP logo
Northern Endurance Partnership (NEP).
bp is working with National Grid, Equinor, Shell and TotalEnergies to provide onshore and offshore infrastructure to transport CO2 from the Humber and Teesside to storage in the North Sea.
Offshore platform

Our aims and progress

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