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Rise and shine

We’re predicting a bright future for solar. At BP, we see possibilities in this fast-growing energy source, from solar farms that float on water to beer brewed using energy captured from the sun. And, whatever the weather, our cleaner-burning natural gas provides the perfect partner to renewables for those days when the wind drops and the sun fails to shine

What could you do in eight minutes?


Feed the dog? Drink a coffee? Check your messages? Meanwhile, another ray of light has left the sun and has almost reached our perfectly-positioned blue planet.


We all know our sun is an amazing natural resource, but capturing, converting and storing its power is tricky and expensive. Until now, that is. With advances in technology bringing down the cost of solar power, our economics gurus believe it could account for 10% of the world’s power by 2040.


To help make that a reality, we’ve teamed up with Lightsource BP looking at ways to fund, develop and manage some of the world’s biggest, most innovative solar projects, everywhere from the Americas to Asia.

One of its large floating solar farms provides some of the electricity needed to power an essential London service. The eye-catching, 6.3-megawatt installation sits on the surface of the Queen Elizabeth II reservoir near Walton-on-Thames, supplying power to a nearby water treatment centre that provides clean drinking water to 10 million people in the UK capital and beyond.


It’s also just clinched a deal with Budweiser that will see its beer brewed in Britain using 100% renewable electricity from 2020. 

“We founded Lightsource to lead the solar revolution and chose to partner with BP because, like us, their ambition is to build and grow this company for the long term. Solar power is the fastest-growing source of new energy and we are excited to be at the forefront of this development with BP.”

Nick Boyle, chief executive officer, Lightsource BP

Projects like these are advancing the possibilities of solar.


And even the rainy days can’t dampen the excitement for this fast-growing energy source. That’s because, whatever the weather, our cleaner-burning natural gas1 can play a supporting role to still keep your kettle ready for action. After all, two good ideas are always better than one.


1 Gas emits half the carbon of coal when burned for power

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As we look to the future we’re working to make every part of our business lower carbon

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