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One Young World

22-25 July 2021

Follow our journey at the One Young World summit 2021
See you in Tokyo for next year’s One Young World summit
We've been involved with One Young World since 2016 – empowering young leaders to make a positive global impact. This year we're sending 20 bp delegates and six 'Net Zero' scholars. Get to know these young leaders, explore the summit topics with them and hear what they learn from other change-makers.

A seat at the table

In his speech at OYW, bp CEO Bernard Looney addresses the question: “If climate change could be solved by getting exactly the right people together around a table, who would those people be?” And outlines the role greening companies like bp can play in working towards a solution

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Meet our future energy leaders

This year’s summit is taking place in Munich, Germany and will be streamed virtually to participants around the world. Over four days, young leaders will explore the summit themes of climate crisis, rights and freedoms, education, conflict resolution, future economies, and lessons from the pandemic.

Our delegates and scholars will participate in workshops, join panel discussions, and hear from world leaders as they explore these topics. They wouldn’t miss it for the world.

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