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Giulia Chierchia's visit to Baku

Release date:
27 February 2024

Giulia Chierchia, bp’s executive vice president, Strategy, Sustainability & Ventures, has today started her 3-day planned working visit to Baku.

Ms Chierchia’s visit programme includes a townhall with bp’s staff in the region and a series of meetings with bp’s regional leadership, in which she will be briefed on the current status of bp’s overall regional business and will discuss safety, performance, strategy and energy transition related issues.

Ms Chierchia will also visit the Shah Deniz Bravo platform which has been safely and reliably delivering Caspian gas to European markets since 2020.

As part of her visit programme, Ms Chierchia will meet with Minister of Energy Parviz Shahbazov, Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Mukhtar Babayev and SOCAR CEO Rovshan Najaf discussing bp’s global and regional business developments, the progress of bp-operated projects in the region and the role bp can play to support Azerbaijan’s energy transition efforts.