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Our community engagement 

For almost three decades bp and the co-venturers have shown commitment in implementing major social investment projects in Azerbaijan. These include educational programmes, building skills and capabilities in local communities, improving access to social infrastructure in communities, supporting local enterprises through provision of access to finance and training, support for cultural legacy and sport.

The Sweet Gold project launched together with our co-venturers in 2017 is now successfully completed. 

Watch the video for some of the sustainable benefits the project has brought to local communities

We implemented a number of major social investment programmes in 2020 including educational, capacity-building, social infrastructure, environmental and enterprise development initiatives.


Watch the video to take a closer look at some of the amazing results

Putting diversity in action

Putting diversity in action

Together with our partners we invest in the professional development of people with disabilities


Bringing international economics knowledge to Azerbaijan

Direct access to the world's three most widely used books on internationaleconomics theory and policy, macro anc microeconomics

Bringing international economics knowledge to Azerbaijan