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SWAP QBDX01 well abandoned

Release date:
13 June 2022

bp as operator under the Exploration, Development and Production Sharing Agreement ("EDPSA") for the Shallow Water Absheron Peninsula (SWAP) area, advises that on 25 May 2022 the third exploration well - QBDX01 was safely plugged and permanently abandoned. The well, which was drilled in the Qarabatdag location within the South East Prospective Area of the SWAP contract area, did not encounter any economic hydrocarbons. 

The QBDX01 exploration well represented the final phase of the planned activity within the SWAP exploration drilling programme. The Satti jack-up rig has now been released from the SWAP programme.

The well was drilled approximately 7km from the coast, in a water depth of approximately 6m. It was spudded on 4 April 2022 with a plan to reach a total depth of up to 2,155 metres (primary wellbore). The drilling activities were suspended at a depth of 2,185m, upon observing no hydrocarbons in the primary target.

bp is operator and holds a 25% interest in the SWAP EDPSA with partners SOCAR Oil Affiliate holding a 50% interest and LUKOIL the remaining 25%.