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bp deploys new digital tool in the Caspian

Release date:
13 August 2021

bp recently launched a three-dimensional (3D) visualization tool on the East Azeri and West Chirag platforms, commencing the first phase of the digital modelling of all its assets in the region.


The new tool allows to perform some of the important offshore activities such as inspection, planning and verification via remote use of high-definition images with measurement capabilities. It also offers virtual walkthroughs and enables teams to visit assets remotely which, in turn, leads to the simplification of several operational processes, optimization of time and cost, improvements in safetyand stronger collaboration.


To prepare the 3D digital model of the East Azeri platform - the first ever 3D model of a bp-operated facility in
the Caspian - the photogrammetric survey and preparation of the platform spherical images were completed with the final images processed and uploaded into the tool for further use.

“This is a fantastic achievement by the project team which puts ouroperations in the region at the forefront of technology and digital transformation. The possibilities of using the 3D visualization tool are huge. Today, it helps us to be more efficient in our planning and execution whilst ensuring safe ongoing operations. In future, it will enable us to further enhance personal  by reducing the need for onsite activities.”


Elkhan Mamedov, vice president production, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey region

bp plans to complete the 3D visualization modelling of all ACG offshore facilities by the end of 2021 with a view to deploy the tool on the remaining bp-operated offshore facilities in the region and at the Sangachal terminal in the next few years.


The deployment of the 3D visualization tool marks the first step in the implementation of the multi-phased ‘Digital Twin’ project. The ‘Digital Twin’ is a virtual representation of an object or a
system that spans its lifecycle and uses simulation, machine learning and reasoning to help decision-making, remote work preparation and execution.