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BP Invests in Local Company Development

Release date:
3 January 2005
BP is pleased to announce that it has recently signed an agreement with the local company BMI-2 for construction of a new fabrication workshop and upgrade of its facilities. Under this agreement, BP will provide a $245.000 loan to BMI-2.


The loan covers technical assistance and investment in the local company and is aimed at supporting BMI-2 in its efforts to align its work practices and capabilities with international standards. Both BMI-2 and BP have a common interest in developing local capacity in the fabrication services area.


The selection of BMI-2 for this investment project was conducted by BP through its engineering contractor AMEC. The selection process included visiting seven local companies and inspecting their facilities . Before making the final decision to invest into this company, BP together with AMEC carried out a rigorous market analysis and BMI-2 came out as the best candidate.

The selection was also based on two additional factors: BMI-2 is a 100% privatised local company that has applicable facilities to provide BP and partners with medium-sized fabrication services and it has a potential that could easily be expanded with appropriate technical assistance and investment.


Azer Zeynalov, Director of BP and Partners Enterprise Centre in Baku, says: "We are pleased to be able to launch this project which is designed to be a pilot for a future supplier financing initiative that we are currently looking into. The success of this pilot will depend on BMI-2's ability to perform in accordance with both high technical and non-technical standards.''


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Tamam Bayatly at BP’s Press Office in Baku.Telephone: (+994 12) 525 5895