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BP welcomes new social review commission’s first report

Release date:
5 October 2007


BP as operator of major oil and gas contracts in Azerbaijan today publicly issued its response to findings and recommendations contained in the first report of the Azerbaijan Social Review Commission (ASRC).


The ASRC is a new advisory group set up as continuation of efforts to promote transparency, dialogue and public engagement of our activities in Azerbaijan. It was created in early 2007 to help the company recognize trends, challenges, and longer-term issues it faces. The commission serves as an independent advisory body to the leadership of BP Azerbaijan, focusing on social performance BP is undertaking on behalf of its co-venturers. It includes five Azerbaijani experts and four international members who come from Australia, the U.S. and U.K.


The ASRC’s first report, which has also been published today, summarizes findings based on the group’s initial background research, visits to communities and BP operated facilities, and meetings with company representatives at the end of April 2007.


The full version of the report, and BP’s response, can be accessed from the link below in two languages – Azerbaijani and English.


David Rice, Chairman of the ASRC, says: “Our aim is to provide constructive and objective analysis, recommendations, and fair overall assessment of social performance to BP. The Commission’s independence is maintained by our willingness to report findings and analysis contrary to BP opinion, if need be. For this reason, we include the full range of Commission opinion in our reports, regardless of whether or not we reach consensus.”

Bill Schrader, BP’s President in Azerbaijan, said: “We place a high priority on transparency and dialogue, and have long recognized the value of external monitoring and scrutiny to our business performance. I welcome the ASRC’s 1st report and the conclusions and challenges it contains, and look forward to the Commission’s future insights.”


Further information:

Tamam Bayatly at BP’s Press Office in Baku, telephone: 994 (0) 12 599 4557