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BTC/SCP Commemorate a Programme to Help Combat HIV/AIDS in Azerbaijan

Release date:
5 December 2005


BP as operator of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) and the South Caucasus Pipeline (SCP) projects is commemorating on behalf of its partners the HIV/AIDS Prevention Programme ( HAPP) in Azerbaijan on the World Aids Day – the 1st of December.


The project was part of BTC/SCP’s construction phase and was executed by the International Medical Corps (IMC), an international non-governmental organization, who was awarded a grant to implement the programme in eleven districts along the Azerbaijan section of BTC/SCP.


The main aim of the programme was to educate communities about HIV/AIDS and raise their awareness of the ways to prevent it. The work implemented under this programme has included developing and disseminating in partnership with the Ministry of Health, National AIDS Control Center, and the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan special educational materials and training programs for 49 teachers working in 39 schools, 75 policemen, 5,485 community members, 2,331 BTC/SCP contractors, and 107 medical professionals.


One of the most important achievements of the programme is the creation of a new CD ROM that can be used as an interactive learning tool for people to educate themselves about HIV/AIDS. The CD Rom has been developed in cooperation with international and national experts, as well as computer design teams from the local company Flexible Solutions.


All information, tests and lessons on the CD Rom are provided in three languages: Azerbaijanian, English and Russian.


The users have the option to choose which language they want to learn in.


This is the first CD ROM of its type in Azerbaijan and represents an entire new realm of possibilities for teaching and learning about HIV/AIDS.


This project funded by BTC and SCP aims to compliment the new Global Fund initiative in support of Azerbaijan’s national programme on HIV/AIDS, which creates a new ally in the global fight against the spread of HIV and AIDS. We aim to distribute copies of the new CD Rom among various national and international entities and agencies in Azerbaijan in order to promote education about HIV/AIDS and the ways it can be prevented. “With this project we call on all of you to get involved in any way you can to combat HIV/AIDS”, says Dan Bliss, BP’s Communities Programme Manager.


The BTC Co. shareholders are: BP (30.1%); SOCAR (25.00%); Unocal (8.90%); Statoil (8.71%); TPAO (6.53%); ENI (5.00%); Total (5.00%), Itochu (3.40%); INPEX (2.50%), ConocoPhillips (2.50%) and Amerada Hess (2.36%).


The SCP Co. funding shareholders are: BP (technical operator - 25.5%), Statoil (commercial operator - 25.5%), SOCAR (10%), LUKAgip (10%), NICO (10%), Total (10%), and TPAO (9%).



For further information please contact:

Tamam Bayatly, BP Baku Press office, telephone: 994 (0) 12 599 4557


Dr Aybeniz Ibrahimova at IMC.
Tel: (994.12).447-3830; fax: (994.12).499-0232