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Supporting Azerbaijan’s literary youth

Release date:
20 October 2022


bp today publicly presented four books of modern Azerbaijani poetry and prose which the company has sponsored to promote Azerbaijan’s modern
 literature. The project aimed to support four young and talented authors - two
poets and two writers by publishing their selected literary pieces.


In his address to the presentation event the chairman of the Writers Union of Azerbaijan, People’s Writer Anar, said:


“Azerbaijan’s literature, which has historically made a great journey of development, today continues to prosper remaining committed to its traditions and building on valuable contributions by emerging literary talents and creative youth. There are a great many admired and remarkable young authors in Azerbaijan’s modern literature who fascinate their readers with new literary works. It is very pleasing that bp has supported many important projects promoting Azerbaijan’s history, culture and literature and this is very much appreciated by the public. bp’s support for the publication of the books of young poets Shahriyar del Gerani and Farid Huseyn and young writers Omar Khayyam and late II Mahmoud, who are all renowned for their own distinguished style and expression, is a very notable initiative.”     




Bakhtiyar Aslanbayli, bp’s vice president for the Caspian region, communications and external affairs, said: 


“bp is very pleased to have this opportunity to continue
to promote Azerbaijan's amazing literary legacy. Before, we supported a number of very important projects to research and promote the invaluable poetic heritage of Nizami and Nasimi, the giants of Azerbaijan’s and the world’s literary treasury.

This new project is however about the younger generation, and we hope it represents a substantial contribution to the future of Azerbaijan’s literature, one of the oldest and greatest literatures in the world. It reflects our desire for the fabulous distinctions
and unique traditions of Azerbaijan’s literature to continue into the future and be enriched with even more splendid and tremendous literary masterpieces.”


The four newly published books are:

  • “The White Spot”, a collection of poems by Farid Huseyn;  
  • “The Poems More Famous Than Myself”, a collection of poetry by Shahriyar del Gerani; 
  • “Our Fathers, Our Mothers”, a collection of short stories by Omar Khayyam; 
  • “The Irrelevant Death”, a collection of short stories and a novel by Mahmud II.


The book presentation event brought together a large group of well-known literary figures, scholars, researchers and literature lovers.


The four publications together make about 800 pages. The total cost of the project, including the cost of the publication of the
books, is over 43,000 AZN.


Notes to editors


bp has been present in Azerbaijan for 30 years safely, efficiently and reliably operating major oil and gas exploration, development and transportation projects. To date, together with its co-venturers, bp has invested around $84 billion into projects it operates in the country. In Azerbaijan, we are committed to supporting sustainability efforts focusing on the areas where we believe we can make the most difference.


Our extensive social investment activities and capacity-building efforts in the country have had a positive impact and brought tangible benefits to people, improving their lives and making a difference.


Our social investments cover such areas as building local capabilities, education, development of communities, local enterprises, the environment, sporting potential as well as research and promotion of the country’s rich cultural heritage. Overall, since the start, bp itself and together with its co-venturers in the joint ventures that bp operates in Azerbaijan, has spent around $103 million on social investment projects in this country.


In Azerbaijan, bp directly employs around 2,268 Azerbaijani citizens who make over 90 per cent of the company’s professional staff.


For more information about bp and its co-venturers’ social investment projects please visit the bp Azerbaijan site at www.bp.com/azerbaijan


Further information


Tamam Bayatly at bp’s press office in Baku. 

Telephone: (+994 12) 525 58 95