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BPTT is committed to supporting the national community as Trinidad and Tobago responds to COVID-19



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BPTT and Rose Foundation to work with community organisations

This initiative will allow the selected NGOs and CBOs to provide food, medication and other essential supplies to those who are unable to access the government’s social relief programmes, including the self-employed, single-parent homes, migrants, and residential homes providing shelter for the elderly, disabled or socially displaced. Emphasis will also be placed on establishing food banks during this period of uncertainty so that women and children, most often disproportionately affected by crises, can have faster access to these services.  

BPTT, Rose Foundation partnership


Since 2010 BPTT and the Rose Foundation have worked together to provide skills development in at-risk communities through the Beyond Borders programme.



"All over our planet we are seeing tremendous acts of kindness in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. We are pulling together as a global community in a massive way to beat the health threat that has turned our world upside down."


BP CEO Bernard Looney


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