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Our approach to corporate responsibility is based on the philosophy of mutual advantage for both country and company

We believe that the success of our business is inextricably linked to the success of the communities and the country in which we operate. We must in everything we do aim to be a responsible operator, adhering to regulatory requirements, managing risk and contributing to the betterment of society

bpTT and IMA partner on conservation


Tobago’s world-renown coral reefs are to be the subject of an extensive Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA) initiative to determine the most effective strategies to rehabilitate and strengthen the endangered ecological wonder.

BPTT and Rose Foundation to work with community organisations


This initiative will allow the selected NGOs and CBOs to provide food, medication and other essential supplies to those who are unable to access the government’s social relief programmes, including the self-employed, single-parent homes, migrants, and residential homes providing shelter for the elderly, disabled or socially displaced. Emphasis will also be placed on establishing food banks during this period of uncertainty so that women and children, most often disproportionately affected by crises, can have faster access to these services.  


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