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Community updates

Here's what we've been up to in the communities of  Mayaro and Guayaguayare

2023 Round up

Local economic development

In 2023 MIPED provided over 326 microfinancing loans to the value ofTTD$7 million. This was aimed at promoting self sustainable employment for members of the community.


From inception to date (Nov 23) MIPED has disbursed over TTD$138 million in loans across industries such as fishing, agriculture, tourism and retail trade.


Community wellness

Upgrades to the Mayaro Resource Center (MRC): Through funding received from the Ocelot and Cypre projects, we've been able to invest TTD$2.3 million into upgrading the sporting infrastructure at the MRC. This is being done with the aim of improving wellness facilities for the community.


Through sponsorship of the All Mayaro Sport Foundation we’ve contributed to the promotion and delivery of sporting activities in the Mayaro community. Through our partnership with communitybased groups we have contributed towellbeing and wellness activities, minorsurgeries, medication and medical scansfor members of the community.


Industry skill development

We provided industry-related training to over 36 persons, continuing our commitment to thedevelopment of our fence line community:

  • H2S
  • Rigger/Lifting
  • Basic Onshore Training

Community connect

In 2023 we held consultations with key community-based stakeholders to continue engagement on our key projects and to listen to concerns. We’ve hosted 4 project-related consultations and 20 stakeholder outreach sessions. We’ve facilitated and responded to community grievances/concerns. We‘ve conducted a Labour Rights and Modern Slavery audit with 2 major contractors -reinforcing our commitment to respecting workers’ rights and enforcing the right practices

Sponsorships & donations

Do you have a proposal to be considered for a sponsorship or would like to request a donation for a worthy community cause?


Send your proposal to bpttsponsorship@bp.com

Education & youth development

  • In 2023 our Brighter Prospects Scholarship Programme supported over 100 students with pursuing higher level education.
  • Back to school grants: We provided grants to 170 families to purchase back to school supplies
  • Through our bp Coding Academy we've helped 120 children improve their digital literacy through coding and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics)
  • Through sponsorship of hte LEAP virtual camp, 22 students completed a leadership programme focused on life skills, problem solving and entreprenuership
  • We supported the Schools' Environmental Competition which saw more than 350 students from 14 schools participating in the competition
  • We've engaged with youth-based organisations and sponsored the delivery of youth leadership development programmes