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The Ocelot Project is consists of a new 7” onshore liquid pipeline that connects bpTT`s Beachfield facility to the Galeota Terminal Facility. The pipeline is approximately 13 km long and is routed along an existing pipeline corridor that is currently in use by bpTT`s 06BECH pipeline.  This route traverses the forested area in the Guayaguayare area, through the La-Savanne community and parallel to the Isthmus Court road into the Galeota facility.


The new pipeline  is made of steel and will be buried approximately 4 ft deep on average but does go deeper at road and river crossings. Typical onshore practices will be utilized , which involves welding of 12m lengths of pipe together to create the 13km string, inspection and coating of the welded joints, digging a trench and lowering the welded pipe string into the trench and finally reinstatement of the ground and Right of Way corridor. The construction will be done in manageable segments to mitigate construction risks and minimize exposure to the community and environment. Additionally, once the new pipeline is completed, the project will flush and clean the old 06BECH pipeline of hydrocarbon , disconnect from the facility connections and plug the ends of the old pipeline.  

The Project is being executed by Stork Technical Services Limited as the main contractor.


For information on employment opportunities please contact Renee.Brown-Raphael@Stork.com