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Our commitment to labour rights and modern slavery

Ocean Victory Drill Floor

bpTT is committed to respecting workers’ rights, in keeping with International Labour Organisation Core Conventions on Rights at Work. Our expectation is that no worker in our operations, joint ventures and supply chains, is subject to abusive or inhumane practices, such as child labour, forced labour, trafficking, slavery or servitude, discrimination, or harassment.  
This has been codified in our  labour rights & modern slavery (LRMS) principles:


  • Stop work if it is unsafe
  • Speak up without fear of retaliation 
  • Employment without the condition of payment of fees for attaining employment 
  • A written copy of your job description and employment conditions 
  • Employer-provided personal equipment (PPE) 
  • Free access to your passport and other personal documents 
  • Compensation paid on time and in full for the time worked 
  • Reasonable work hours and adequate rest breaks between shifts in line with industry standards and local laws 
  • Being treated equally; with dignity and respect