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Energy Conference 2022 - bp speakers


Claire Fitzpatrick

Claire is the president of bp Trinidad and Tobago. She will be taking part in the sponsors panel with leaders from other sponsor companies. The panel is intended to discuss factors affecting the T&T energy sector, with the panellists providing their perspectives on the energy transition, how the region can leverage our existing strengths to successfully navigate the challenges ahead and the structural changes needed to make this a reality. The main focus will be on natural gas.

Katy Henderson-Moses

Katy is the Subsurface Area Development Manager, bpTT. She's taking part in the young leaders panel, a discussion among the people who will be the leaders of the Caribbean energy industry in 2030. What are the challenges that they see and what excites them about the future?

Craig Marshall

Craig is Senior Vice President and Head of Investor Relations, bp. He will be taking part on a panel focusing on how net zero ambitions are changing decision-making in capital markets and in companies and discuss the complicated route toward net-zero and the challenges and opportunities that this presents for both companies and countries.

Michael Cohen 

Michael is Chief US Economist, bp. He will be presenting on natural gas and the energy transition. This session will explore possibilities of regional trade in naural gas.

BP Portraits - Business Development Team

Ian Hunter

Ian is the Commercial Manager, NetZero Teesside, bp. He is taking part in a discussion on delivering green and blue molecules for the heavy industrial and petrochemical sectors in Trinidad & Tobago and the wider region.


Ian will be talking about Net Zero Teesside which is  bp’s world-scale hydrogen project that aims to produce 1GW of CCUS-enabled blue hydrogen and start-up in 2027.