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Energy economics

The Energy Outlook makes projections to 2040 and beyond, while the Statistical Review provides historic data on world energy markets
Spencer Dale and Bob Dudley at the Energy Outlook launch, February 2018
BP’s economics team produces two reports annually. One – the Energy Outlook – is forward-looking and the other – The Statistical Review of World Energy – analyses data from the previous year. While the Energy Outlook was first published in January 2011, the Statistical Review has been informing the energy economics community since 1952.

The energy economics reports

Energy Outlook – 2019 edition

Energy Outlook 2019 – logo

The Energy Outlook explores the forces shaping the global energy transition out to 2040 and the key uncertainties surrounding that transition.

It shows how rising prosperity drives an increase in global energy demand and how that demand will be met over the coming decades through a diverse range of supplies including oil, gas, coal and renewables.

Statistical Review of World Energy 2019

Stats Review 2019 – logo

The Statistical Review highlights a growing divergence in 2018 between demands for action on climate change and the actual pace of progress on reducing carbon emissions.

Find out about the effect this had on global energy markets and what the implications may be for the future transition of energy.