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We are embedding sustainability in the way we do business and across our strategy. Our sustainability frame sets out our aims for getting to net zero, improving people’s lives and caring for our planet
Sustainability frame
Our purpose is reimagining energy for people and our planet. Our sustainability frame translates our purpose into action and underpins our strategy to become an integrated energy company. It sets out aims in the areas where we believe we can make the biggest difference for bp, our stakeholders and society

Our aims and objectives

We have set aims for each of our focus areas:

  • 10 aims to get bp to net zero by 2050 or sooner, and to help the world get to net zero
  • five aims to improve people's lives
  • five aims to care for our planet.

Getting to net zero

In 2020 we set out our ambition to be a net zero company by 2050 or sooner and to help the world get to net zero. We are aiming to be net zero across our operations, production and sales.

This ambition is supported by 10 aims: five to help us become a net zero company and five to help the world get there too. Together, they set out a path that we believe is consistent with the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Improving people’s lives

We recognize the importance of giving people access to energy, supporting a just energy transition, treating people with respect, enhancing diversity, equity and inclusion and supporting health and wellbeing.

Our five people aims build on strong social impact and risk management requirements in our operating management system.

Caring for our planet

Our sustainability frame focuses on making a real difference to the environment in which we operate.

Our five planet aims cover the enhancement of biodiversity, water management, nature-based solutions including those that reduce or remove carbon emissions, circularity and sustainable purchasing.

Our approach: foundations and embedding sustainability

Our approach to sustainability is targeted, systematic and collaborative – built on strong, foundations that guide the way we work and support our net zero, people and planet aims. We are working to embed sustainability more widely and deeply in our culture, business decisions, processes and governance.

Engaging with our stakeholders

Engaging constructively helps us deliver our strategy and sustainability aims. We engage with many different stakeholders, in various ways – from local meetings to global partnerships.

Our main stakeholder groups are employees, customers, investors and shareholders, government and regulators, partners and suppliers, and society.

  • Our employees play a critical role in maintaining safe, reliable and compliant operations. We are committed to engaging them in the opportunities and challenges we face, as well as on their own development.
  • We engage with governments, regulators and legislators on the development of policies that promote a secure, affordable and lower carbon energy system – enabling us to develop our strategy and embed sustainability across bp.
  • Our engagement with local communities ranges from one-to-one conversations with our dedicated community liaison officers to large public consultations.
  • We work with NGOs at international, national and local levels. Many of them have complementary expertise on social and environmental issues and we sometimes rely on them to act as a bridge between bp and other stakeholders.
  • Our investor relations team coordinates our one-to-one engagement with key investors and our investor events, which include roadshows and results presentations. For more information see the Engaging Stakeholders section in the Sustainability Report 2023.

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The world's transition to a more secure, more affordable, lower carbon energy system needs massive investment in lower carbon energies AND continued investment in oil and gas as the alternatives grow. We're transforming bp to play our part – discover more below

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