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What we do

We deliver heat, light and mobility products and services to people all around the world in ways that will help to drive the transition to a lower carbon future

Our strategy

We have set out a strategy that will see us transform from an international oil company producing resources – to an integrated energy company providing solutions to customers.

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The world's transition to a more secure, more affordable, lower carbon energy system needs massive investment in lower carbon energies AND continued investment in oil and gas as the alternatives grow. We're transforming bp to play our part – discover more below

Our transformation

Our organization

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Production & operations

We find and develop hydrocarbon resources, operate oil and gas production assets, as well as refineries, pipelines and terminals around the world

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Customers & products

We innovate with new business models and service platforms to deliver ‎the future of mobility, energy and services for our customers

Solar panels
Gas & low carbon energy

Combining and integrating our heritage natural gas capabilities with significant growth in low and zero carbon businesses and markets

Large excavator and trucks
Regions, corporates & solutions

Helping regions and corporates in hard to abate sectors decarbonize at scale

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Innovation & engineering

Driving digital and innovation with our science, engineering, and digital capabilities

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Strategy, sustainability & ventures

Defining and accelerating the delivery of our strategy, while engraining sustainability in our business and promoting ethics and compliance across the ‎organization

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Trading & shipping

Our traders work with our partners to buy, sell and move energy, integrating our products and services to provide energy solutions for 12,000 customers in 140 countries

In this section

We deliver energy products and services to our customers around the world, and we plan to do so increasingly in ways that we believe will help drive the transition to a lower carbon future