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BP at a glance

We are a global energy business with wide reach across the world's energy system. We have operations in Europe, North and South America, Australasia, Asia and Africa

Key facts

Countries of operation 78
Number of employees 73,000
Sales and other operating revenues $299 billion
Underlying replacement cost profit $12.7 billion
Barrels of oil equivalent produced per day (a) 3.7 million
Proved reserves (a) 19,945 million barrels of oil equivalent
New exploration access 63,000 square kilometres
Retail sites Approximately 18,700
Refinery throughputs per day 1.7 million barrels
Petrochemicals produced 11.9 million tonnes

As at, or for the year ended, 31 December 2018. 



(a) Includes BP's share of Rosneft as well as our interest in other equity-accounted entities.

What we do

We operate in 78 countries worldwide. We find and produce oil and gas on land and offshore. We move energy around the globe. We manufacture and market fuels and raw materials used in thousands of everyday products, from mobile phones to food packaging.


BP in action

Some highlights of our activities around the world in 2018

Our business model

Business model

From deep sea to desert, from rigs to retail, we find and produce oil and gas, fuels and lubricants, wind power and natural biofuels for a changing world.


Our business model

Our values

Everyone who works for BP is guided day in and day out by our values: safety, respect, excellence, courage and one team. In a fast-changing world, these values provide continuity and a shared point of reference for every action we take and every decision we make.


Our values

Our values


Sustainability means building a resilient BP: a business that is competitive in all conditions, that recognises the urgency of the climate challenge and plays its part in driving the transition to a lower carbon world.


Sustainability reporting


Technology is changing our world. We are using and developing technology to deliver energy in amazing new ways. This is transforming our business. It means we can play our part in steering the world towards a lower carbon future.


Technology at BP

The energy transition

The transition to a lower carbon future has begun, but it is clear there is not going to be just one low carbon energy answer. We are thinking hard about what the future might hold. 


Think ahead with us using our Statistical Review of World Energy and BP Energy Outlook

Our reports

Find out more about BP and about the energy industry in our comprehensive business reports and expert forecasts.