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bp at a glance

We are an integrated energy company delivering solutions to customers in 70 countries around the world

The information in the map above and table below is from three bp reports: the Annual report 2023, the Tax report 2022 and the Diversity, equity and inclusion report 2022, and was correct at the time of each report’s publication. For the most up-to-date position in relation to bp’s businesses and operations, please refer to bp’s regulatory announcements, press releases and most recent results publications.
bp at a glance: key facts, heading
bp at a glance: key facts, heading

Established 1908

87,800 employees

61 locations

bp at a glance: community, heading
bp at a glance: community, heading

$117m invested in local communities

$151.7bn payments to partners and suppliers

$44.2bn total tax contribution

bp at a glance: who we are, headingbp at a glance: who we are, heading

41% of all employees across bp are women

bp’s leadership team comprises 50% women and 50% men

Ethnically diverse employees: 29% US 19% UK

bp at a glance: what we do, headingbp at a glance: what we do, heading

21,100 retail sites and >29,000 EV charge points

2.3mmboe/d upstream production

2.7GW installed renewables capacity

To find out more, visit our investors and sustainability sections.
Who we are

Our beliefs

‘Who we are’ defines what we stand for at bp, building on our best qualities and those things that are most important to us. It comprises three simple beliefs that can inspire each of us at bp to be our best every day.


Our beliefs:

  • Live our purpose
  • Play to win
  • Care for others

Safety comes first

Nothing is more important than safe and reliable operations. Safety is at the core of our purpose and the foundation of everything we do.


Safety at bp is underpinned by our Operating Management System (OMS). Our OMS is how we work: the systematic framework designed to sustainably deliver safe, reliable and compliant operations. 


Our Safety Leadership Principles are designed to guide behaviour and ways of working across bp to drive a robust, consistent safety culture.

Our organization

Our organization

To deliver our strategy and grow long-term shareholder value, we are organized into three business groups:

The business groups are supported by ‘integrators’ to facilitate collaboration and unlock value:



and three teams that serve as enablers of business delivery (finance; legal; and people & culture).

Our strategy and sustainability

E m b e d d i n g i n t o o u r D N A E n g a g i n g s t a k e h o l d e r s I m p ro v e p e op l e ' s l i v e s G e t t o n e t z e ro C a r e f o r o u r p l a n e t Our beliefs and foundations

Our strategy

We deliver heat, light and mobility products and services – in other words, energy – to our customers around the world, and we plan to do so increasingly in ways that we believe will help drive the transition to a lower carbon future.

Our three-pillar strategy focuses on investing in our five* transition growth engines – bioenergy, convenience, EV charging, hydrogen and renewables – and, at the same time, investing in today’s energy system. Integration connects it all. 


Our sustainability frame links our strategy to our purpose – to reimagine energy for people and our planet.

We are committed to delivering long-term value for stakeholders and believe we have the scale, global presence and expertise to navigate complex markets and manage increasingly integrated energy systems.

Since we set out our strategy in 2020, our track record of delivery has given us increased confidence as we invest in bp's transition and the energy transition.

not or.

The world's transition to a more secure, more affordable, lower carbon energy system needs massive investment in lower carbon energies AND continued investment in oil and gas as the alternatives grow. We're transforming bp to play our part – discover more below

Our transformation

Our reports

Find out more about bp and about the energy industry in our comprehensive business reports and expert forecasts